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New Patients

Women in waiting roomWelcome to Krieg Chiropractic Center!

Our patient-centric process is designed to give you an outstanding experience from the very first visit. We often hear patients say that they get great value and a very thorough exam. It’s our desire that every person who walks through our doors know that they’re getting a good service for as minimal a cost as possible.


Before You Arrive

Please fill out the paperwork online. After completing the forms online, you can send them back to us to save time and money. By doing so, you can be seen by the doctor right away. We’re right on time so you don’t have to sit and wait.

You’ll be greeted by name and with a warm smile. One of our team members will offer you coffee, tea or water. You’ll then meet with Dr. Krieg. This visit is about learning all that’s going on with your health.


We will ask appropriate probing questions that we need to know and explain the basics of chiropractic. Dr. Krieg will talk about what makes us different and then how the first meeting will go. He will make sure your concerns are heard.

Exam and X-rays

Dr. Krieg will perform various exams and take X-rays based on your unique anatomy. He will tell you right away if you’re in the right place.


After you leave your appointment, Dr. Krieg will study your X-rays and exam results. What’s unique about the Blair Upper Cervical Technique is the X-rays are based on each person’s unique anatomy.

This visit takes about an hour.

When you return for your second appointment, we will take two more films. Dr. Krieg then will go over everything and explain what’s going on with your health-bone by bone and nerve by nerve. He will answer the following:

  • What’s going on?
  • Can you help?

  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

He’ll then ask you what your goals are for care and will demonstrate how your adjustment will look before he gives you your first chiropractic adjustment.

Then the receptionist will discuss your plan of care, go over your insurance and review low-cost payment plan options. We’ll make sure we answer all your questions.

This visit also takes about an hour.

Contact Us Today

Call (406) 541-8888 today to book an appointment! Be sure to ask about our new patient special offers. We accept insurance and Medicare.

New Patients | (406) 541-8888